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The Company

Pak-Qatar Family Takaful Limited, the pioneers of Family Takaful, is a progressive and a technology-driven Shari’ah Compliant company providing innovative Takaful solutions in Pakistan. The company is the fastest growing Family Takaful operator in the region.

Incorporated in 2006, and beginning operations in 2007, the company is registered with, and supervised by, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). An independent Shari’ah Advisory Board chaired by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani certifies all products and operations for Shari’ah compliance. The company is rated A (having Stable Outlook) by JCR-VIS Credit Rating Co. Ltd. (Read More)Label


Family Takaful

Group Family Takaful is a risk coverage plan that provides protection to participant employees in the event of death or disability, so that a multiple of that employee's yearly salary can be paid to his/her family or dependants to ease their financial difficulties. The basic coverage can also be enhanced by adding coverage of risks that are arising out of a natural calamity or by unpredictable accidents.

The Plan is either contributory or sponsored by the employer/company as a yearly renewable agreement. The benefit provides payment of the agreed coverage amount in the event of death, due to any cause, of a participant employee.

Along with this plan employees can be provided with any of the following additional coverage.

Group Accidental Death Family Takaful
Accidents are always sudden and sometimes fatal. You can't lessen the emotional shock, but you can certainly soften the financial one. Group Accidental Death Family Takaful Benefit gives the loved ones something to start with after the permanent loss of income by paying an additional coverage amount.

Group Permanent Partial Disability Family Takaful
Accidents are unpredictable and so are the consequences. They may lead to a disability which is partial but permanent. This benefit provides a financial cushion against such events; the participant gets a particular amount in case of an eventuality as per the specified schedule.

Group Permanent Total Disability Family Takaful
An accident can be the cause of a disability which is permanent and total. This benefit provides a financial cushion in such situations to a participant where he/she is unable to earn his living. The permanent disability payouts are a percentage, according to a specified schedule, or the full amount of coverage to the participant according to the nature of loss.

Group Temporary Total Disability Family Takaful
In a situation where the participant is fortunate enough to escape from a major injury of a permanent nature and is temporarily disabled for a short period in an accident, the benefit will cover for the loss of wages in the shape of a weekly payment of an agreed amount during the whole period of disability, till the time he regains health and resumes work.

Group Natural Disability Family Takaful
Health is a gift of Allah, but it’s unpredictable when one will be deprived of this blessing. The benefit provides coverage to a participant if he becomes permanently and totally disabled due to natural causes after which he is unable to perform his duty for which he is trained or experienced. This benefit provides payment of the whole sum covered.

Group Accidental Medical Expense Family Takaful
If a participant suffers an injury due to an accident, this benefit will cover the medical expense, up to a specified amount, during the period of hospitalization and or medical treatment.